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ISEE is a full service film production and distribution company; serving broadcasters, film distributors, Video On Demand companies and corporate clients with “off-the-grid” content.


Bad Seed: A Tale of Mischief, Magic and Medical Marijuana, a little documentary we made a while back, ended up being watched by half a million people, sold to Hulu and won Best Documentary at AAN.

We have other films are in the cooker too. Our feature drama “Whitelash” was recently accepted into the National Screen Institute (NSI). An indie comedy called ‘The Keepers of Kielbasa’ is in packaging, and our short Crime Thriller Blood and Soil is set for production this Fall, to name just a few.

shayne metcalfe isee motion picture company
Shayne Metcalfe
Creative Execution  

Shayne lives with his family in the Canadian wilderness. He is a creative soul who enjoys the collaborative aspect of filmmaking and loves what happens when you connect the right people to tell stories. Since founding ISEE Motion Picture Company in 2001, Shayne has held various positions in award-winning television and film projects. He is also an Instructor of the Motion Picture arts program at RAIS (Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon) where he has had a hand in the creation of over 100 short film projects from concept to distribution.

monique blom isee motion picture company saskatoon partner
Monique Blom
Artistic Adjustment

Multidisciplinary artist and educator Monique Blom lives and works “in the wild woods of Saskatchewan where her practice includes chopping wood, building ponds and creating edges.” Blom is deftly balanced on the edges of the prairies, boreal forest, and society, describing herself as an “edgy woman, making people nervous with her axe.” Her practice springs from a desire to explore human relationships as part, or as apart, from nature. Blom’s work ranges from filmmaking to paintings with elements of vintage collage to public art interventions. Her most recent work examining the relationship between women, domesticity, and the landscape was performed in New York, Orlando, and Tampa.

Blom graduated with a BFA (with Distinction) from ACAD (1998) and a MEd from the University of Saskatchewan (2010), where she currently teaches Art Education.

mark isee motion pictures
Mark Wolff
Finance Wizard

Mark is a serial entrepreneur that has had the opportunity to live and work from blustery Saskatchewan to South Florida to Connecticut and back again. Admitting he is not the creative mind in the team, his skills lie in project management and finance. In the past 10 years Mark has been the Managing Partner of a Research and Development Tax Credit consulting company, CFO of Historic Building re-development company and CEO of a safety and compliance software company. Somewhere in the middle he also helped produce Bad Seed: A Tale of Mischief, Magic and Medical Marijuana.

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